sup? (devotchkariot) wrote in fuckmeimpunk,

tonight we're gonna fuck shit up

1. Name? jen
2. Age? 16
3. Sexual Preference? i like cunt and cock
4. Music? anti-flag, explosion, screaming toward the uprising of non-conformity, unseen, exploited, black flag, music is music. i listen to what i want and dont take shit from anyone about it.
5. Location? the middle of no where, north carolina
6. Turn ons? biting/scratching, being rough, tits, hips, personality, voice, cigs
7. Turn offs? annoying&fake people, bad music, an overall shitty personality
8. Do you post on any message boards? 'cept lj shit, no
9.What are you looking for? (Fuck buddy, relationship, whatever) relationship. friend. i dont care
10. Where did you find this community? to fuck if i know
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